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- Capital Punishment Survey - Raw Data -

There was a lot of raw data - too much for me to make a web page out of it in HTML. (I know - I crashed my computer twice trying!) And making a .txt file of it? Forget it, unless you would like to spend two hours or so formatting it so that it will make sense. (I know - I tried that too!)

However, if you have a spreadsheet program, you can download the data (over 200 kb worth) in one of several formats. Which formats, you ask? (By the way - all are .zip files!)

If you have QuattroPro 6.0 or higher, you are in luck - I originally processed the data in QuattroPro 6.0.

Click here for QuattroPro (81 kb ).

If you have Excel 5.0 or higher, you do okay - in order for me to work on the data at Edgewood College, I had to convert it into an Excel 5.0 ( .xls )file. Some loss of formatting features, but the data is OK.

Click here for Excel ( 103 kb ).

If you have Lotus 1-2-3, version 3.x or higher, I tried to convert the data into a .wk3 file. Expect some loss of formatting features, but the data should be OK. This may be your best bet if you do not have one of these spreadsheet programs available...

Click here for Lotus 1-2-3 ( 76 kb ).

Should you have anything other than these spreadsheet programs, you might try to see if your spreadsheet program can work with the Lotus 1-2-3 file - it is the oldest version of the three.

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