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Eric Zorn - Chicago Tribune
Information on the Nicarico murder case...
CAUTION: Due to the reorganization of the Chicago Tribune's web site, Eric Zorn's sites are currently not available. According to Mr. Zorn, they should be up again soon...

Eric Zorn - Chicago Tribune
...and other info on the subject of capital punishment.
CAUTION: Due to the reorganization of the Chicago Tribune's web site, Eric Zorn's sites are currently not available. According to Mr. Zorn, they should be up again soon...

Nine Lives - MacArthur Justice Center
A very sharp looking death penalty site - info specifically on Illinois, but reasoning applicable to all states. (A big 'thank you' to Eric Zorn for telling me about this site...)

Links Toward Abolition
Another nice death penalty abolition site, another day in the life of Eric Zorn, who referred me to this site...

Amnesty International 
The home of one of the best human rights organizations in the world...

Amnesty USA 
...and its United States branch - use them both

Frontline - "Angel on Death Row"
Lots of web links on capital punishment - also more information about this 4/9/96 Frontline... 
David's Capital Punishment Page
Some excellent links - relatively evenhanded...

Moses Klein's Death Penalty Page
A lot of links, many of them excellent - also has a link to an e-mail discussion group there...

The Death Penalty - We can live without it... 
A very well organized site, brief and to the point...

Death Row inmates are people, too... 
Learn how to make contact with them here... Be a friend... 
Death as a Penalty
From the Mennonites of Canada - very interesting reading...

    Capital Punishment Pages

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.
- Mayor Salvor Hardin
If I were strong, I could beat my enemies with a stick; now that I am weak, all I can do is kill them...
- Governor-General Carlos von Schlichten
Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher.  For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example.
- Justice Louis Brandeis, quoted by Tim McVeigh

Capital punishment. 

It is appalling to me that someone who has supported capital punishment can change his mind for just one particular case, and not be called a hypocritical murderer (anyone you know, Mister "700 Club"?) 

It is amazing to me that some people who claim to be pro-life are willing to allow someone to be executed for a serious crime when: 

  • The criminal justice system does not treat all capital defendants equally. 
  • > If you think the McVeigh verdict was just, think about these facts: (See McVeigh commentary...) 
    1) Can the Fortier's trial testimony (key to the prosecution's case) be relied upon, when neither were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, even though both admitted in court, under oath, that they had done so? 
    2) Is it reasonable to conclude that both of the Fortiers' testimony could have been affected by the fact that they would gain if they did testify as the prosecution wanted?
    (Note: Michael Fortier only faces up to ten to twenty years in prison, and a potential gain form selling his story of well over $ 1 million. (He admitted that he wanted the money.) His wife was not even charged. If equal justice was to be obtained in this trial, why weren't they charged with the same crimes as McVeigh, with the same maximum sentence - death?) 
    3) Given the shoddy work at the FBI crime lab, can a reasonable juror believe the evidence from that source? 
    4) Given that jurors who could not sentence McVeigh to death were excluded from the jury, was the jury, insofar as the question of McVeigh's guilt or innocence was concerned, biased against him from the start? 
    I do not know if Timothy McVeigh actually did do that dastardly deed. I have a reasonable doubt of his guilt, as I did regarding the OJ case. If he did do it, send him to life in prison, at hard labor, without any possibility of parole. I do not know that Tim McVeigh did it. 
    I do know this: Janet Reno should be impeached! She should have charged the Fortiers with the same charges as Tim McVeigh. Since she didn't, she is, in fact, the head of the Department of Injustice. 
  • The prosecution is allowed to commit perjury, lie, and otherwise ensure that a capital defendant receives only an unfair trial without any effective sanction. (If the prosecutors would instantly receive the death penalty in such cases, by being burned at the stake, live on TV, I think that they would not do such things.)  
  • Some of those who claim to be Christians (not all, by any means, but more than enough) use the Mosaic law (e.g., the Ten Commandments (still being used as the base of Jewish religious law)) to justify capital punishment, when Jesus Christ (via the Golden Rule) clearly opposed capital punishment. (See a challenge to this statement, as well as to my position on capital punishment, and my reply.) Further information is available for those of you who still disagree with my analysis of this point, courtesy of the Mennonites, here... 
    For those who disagree with this analysis, ask yourself this: Given that innocent people can be readily executed in the United States, as well as in many other countries throughout the world, how would you like to be in prison, awaiting execution for a crime that you did not commit? 
  • Many of the leaders (not all, by any means, but more than enough) in the appellate court system, the political community, and the religious community of the United States appear to prefer to see a million innocent persons die than admit that capital punishment, as it is now used, is a clear violation of the ideals of the United States Constitution, as well as a massive violation of basic human rights. (I will not even speak of what I think of other countries (such as the People's Republic of China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority, just to name a few) who have even less protections of human rights in their criminal justice systems, and can execute a person without an actual, factual reason to do so.)
This page is under constant construction (as every Web page is). I will try to keep it up to date, keep it interesting, and (most important) will never surrender to the murderers of the world who love capital punishment. I would rather be burned at the stake than take this page down. 
This page updated as of 1 February 1998. 
 If you are offended by the thought that capital punishment is, in effect, homicide, too bad!!! 

Read a review of Jeanne d'Arc's life, by me, by clicking any picture of Joan on this page... 

"Whatever I have said about my deeds and words in this trial, I let it stand and wish to reaffirm it. Even if I see the fire lit, the faggots blazing, and the hangman ready to begin the burning, and even if I were in the pyre, I could not say anything different." 

Joan of Arc said this in 1431. She meant it. 

Let anyone who believes in human rights say this, and mean it with all of their heart, all of their mind, and all of their soul, today. 

Those who can not say this with their souls, their minds, and their hearts, do they believe in human rights at all? 

May God have mercy on them if they do not. They may wish that they had only burned for a little, as Joan of Arc did... 

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